Exercise activities to improve physical and emotional health

Residents Gym

Facilities - Residents Gym

Helping residents maintain a healthy body in the Residents Gym

Physical frailty is seen as a fact of life for nursing home residents, with many unable to do even the simplest tasks of daily living.  Body weakness can also contribute to accidents in the nursing home, with falls being a prime example.  However, here at Hengoed Court we believe that preventative care is important in what we do to help improve our residents physical and mental health, which in turn improves their quality of life.

Exercise is a prime example of preventative care, helping residents become better equipped to fight disease and infirmity.  Research has indicated that the elderly can reap many benefits from an exercise program.  Hengoed Court’s qualified staff, work with residents that want this type of support to create health and fitness programs  in our purpose built residents gym.

Our residents gym is equipped with state of the art equipment, designed to provide a simple circuit training workout or an individually tailored programme, offering residents cardio and strength training to help residents’ bodies become stronger and more flexible, helping to facilitate their independence.

Each piece of equipment is designed  to guarantee stability and comfort during exercise and is adapted to each individual user. The contour of the backrests mirror the physiological curve of the spinal column and provides optimal stabilisation to all users.

Physiotherapy Services and Treatment Room

Facilities - Residents GymIn addition to the gym we also have a dedicated physiotherapy room, where residents can receive physiotherapy treatment.  We are in the process of training competent and equipped staff to deliver physiotherapy services.  With dementia patients, early intervention can be invaluable as once a movement pattern or skill has been allowed to be lost for only a short while, retrieving it from memory can be almost impossible.  Our trained staff will design interventions that are totally flexible around the needs of the resident.