Good, homely and delicious meals

Quality Food

Here at Hengoed Court we are known for the quality of food we provide.

We ensure that there is a varied menu offering good homely, traditional quality food, which residents can choose from.  Our home cooks will also ensure that both large and small appetites are catered for as well as special diets including a texture-modified diets for residents who may have trouble chewing and swallowing.Food quote

We only source local fresh produce choosing the very best quality fresh meat, fish and vegetables to create tasty, nutritionally balanced dishes.  Our cooks also prepare home-baked cakes and puddings daily.

Meal Times

We know just how important meal times are to our residents, not just for the food but also the opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip!  Whilst meal times are generally set, we can be flexible as well to ensure that residents needs are fully met.  Of course not all residents will be able to make it to our dining rooms so we ensure that we serve meals for residents to enjoy in the comfort of their own rooms as necessary.

Professional Kitchens

We have state of the art professional kitchens at Hengoed Court. We take a pride in the standards we set ourselves to ensure that as well as the food being extremely high quality, our hygiene standards are also the highest they can be. All our kitchen staff are qualified and have passed the relevant food hygiene awards and continue to do so on a regular basis.