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Building for the Future – Assisted Living Bungalows

We are in the planning stages of building 29 Assisted Living bungalows. The bungalows will have 2 bedrooms and will be available for rent only.

The bungalows will provide an additional option for people considering the appropriate care option for themselves, a family member or friend.

We recognise that when someone moves into  care, away from their own home, it is going to be stressful, that is why Hengoed Court is providing this unique option for those that require it.

What are the benefits?

Assisted Living Bungalows will be appealing to many people as  it offers more independence than a care home. If your family member is in good health and doesn’t require much assistance with everyday tasks, assisted living is an ideal option. In fact, moving into an Assisted Living Bungalow is similar to having your own home, however you have the reassurance that trained staff are on hand to help when necessary.

Tenants of the Assisted Living Bungalows will also have the benefit of being part of the wider community here at Hengoed Court and Hengoed Court ensuring that there is no shortage of opportunities for friendship and social interaction, making use of the facilities and activities on offer at both homes.

What is the difference between assisted living houses and nursing/care homes?

Level of Care – tenants of the Assisted Living Bungalows will have a greater level of ability and be able to maintain a higher level of independence than many of those in the our care homes.

By contrast Hengoed Court is more equipped to provide daily health care services for individuals with more complicated medical conditions to monitor, including chronic, debilitating illnesses or severe cognitive impairment. At Hengoed Court there is more emphasis  on health care services, provided by  nurses and trained staff.

Cost – is a significant difference between assisted living and care homes. Hengoed Court employs more staff  to provide a higher level of care, however they will not be required in the Assisted Living Bungalows.  We anticipate that the cost of our Assisted Living Bungalows will be significantly less, than that of our care homes. For this reason, unless the individual requires a high level of care on a daily basis, assisted living will be preferable.

Privacy and Environment – TheAssisted Living Bungalows will provide more privacy than a nursing home. the bungalows will feel more like a private residence, with their own bathroom and kitchen. At Hengoed Court, it is busier with a lot more activity going on.  In addition, tenants of the bungalows will  have more control over their environment with assisted living, because they can furnish their rooms however they choose, creating a more home-like atmosphere. This is a significant benefit for many people, allowing  your loved one’s individual style and personality to be reflected in their bungalow.


If you are interested and think that Assisted Living may be an option for you or your family member then please get in touch with us to register an expression of interest, before the waiting list fills up.